Aldrig tillbaka. Alltid.

Single channel

A hypnotic and immersive dive into the past and present.

A new video art piece by Rikard Lassenius.

The thematic core of the work is the impact of memories and past traumatic experiences on the current self. How does the past affect our way of acting in relationships, everyday life, conflicts, and emotional turmoil. The name refers to our desire to forget and learn from our past, but how often we always return to our old patterns. Our old traumas come back to take control.
For inquiries and collaboration

The film is composed of hundreds of brief micro segments, each capturing a moment of movement and emotion. These segments are arranged and combined in a way that creates a smooth and coherent flow of movement, reflecting the complexity and diversity of human experience. The film is a representation of our continuous, intersecting streams of events, interwoven to form what we call our lives. It is a film that explores the themes of memory, identity, and connection.